About us

I heal people. I just see and feel organs inside and heal with my hands and even with my thoughts, and I would like to tell you something about it. The purpose of my explanation is that I give my patients (real and potential), the most important information that may interest them and I would like to save your time and by offering some answers to the various questions you may have.

  1. The first session.
    The results will be really remarkable in the first session. Everyone knows that, if there is no result, what will come a second time without the first session? I am not in the habit of immediately starting to talk about your health problems, which can be obtained from the answers to my question, because this dialogue will not bring any real improvement to your condition, it will not reduce or eliminate the pain, it will not soften It, will not eliminate the tumor, it will not reduce blood sugar nor will it normalize blood pressure or temperature.
  2. First, to obtain the result, it is necessary to relax. To think correctly and logically, you cannot be in a state of anxiety. Then, we define a control point. That is, if there is pain, we think next, how it arises, how often and for how long there. We create a starting point to understand the result after the first session. If you have a tumor or inflammation, do not forget about it. The human body has the ability to quickly forget the bad. Remember that you will be a witness for yourself, you evaluate the changes in the body after the session. Do not forget to closely control what has changed. If it was a pain in the back, it may still be present, but now it has become quite different. If you had high blood pressure, it may not decrease to normal, but you feel much better.
  3. I immediately consider it necessary to explain my point of view: the physical and the spiritual must go hand in hand. If it is necessary to eliminate some physical problem, we have to focus on the analysis of the errors that occur in life, and determine them. To do this, just think about what is wrong and ask for forgiveness mentally. If you do not find it, the angels or the Lord will give you the necessary advice. I am trying to clean and change everything that I feel is wrong. I do not always have time to explain the procedures step by step. This is general information at this time. It will be expanded on this subject later.
  4. Therefore, by faith, or simple curiosity, but the first treatment session was carried out and the patient feels better. Will this improvement last for a long time? Very often, patients come to me for a long time, sometimes for decades, it is useless for them to visit many doctors, so the final results may not be immediately, but after some time. I mean that in the worst cases the beginning of treatment, and as far as I know, if the first session eliminates the pain, but returns the next day (although not with the same intensity), the second and third sessions will eliminate the pain for several days, and each time the pain will weaken, and so on until it disappears completely. It is clear that pain is only an indicator of the patient's problem. It's like a flower on a plant. But it is an important first step in this direction, since the reduction of pain suggests that the process of curing the disease has begun. It is necessary to know that organisms are all different in each person and age has less effect on the speed of healing. Sometimes 90-year-old patients heal much faster than a 15-year-old child.
  5. The next point to emphasize is that you can never consider a single point when talking about health. It is important to understand that it is impossible to fix a man and treat different organs separately and by different doctors. Therefore, when you arrive at my clinic, you write a list of your problems, which sometimes add up to 30 points. And with each new treatment session, the whole body is improving.
  6. In the treatment of disease pain disappears first, because a group of infected cells, or mutated, comprising a tumor or inflammation alters the muscle structure, pulling the spine or artery, and then causes blood pressure high, then the development of the disease, sooner or later gives pain (for example). Therefore, first the pain disappears, then the tumors disappear, etc.
  7. To complete the cure is necessary for a long time and it is very important the patient's reaction to the changes that occur. For example, a young woman who is in the second session and says she still feels swollen or inflamed, is softer and less painful. This is a great achievement in the correct approach to the treatment of the disease and it will be said that the healing process has already begun and the patient can understand it. During the second session, the changes will be even more significant. (Read the article "The glass is half full").
  8. About incurable diseases. I believe that there are no incurable diseases, and if someone told you that something is incurable, it is not true. If your city is not the Olympic champion, this does not mean that it does not exist. I saw miracles in my clinic and read about many wonderful people. Always look for your treatment option and the appropriate specialist. Do not hurry to believe everything they tell you. You must verify everything and not stop in your search. And more. If you say or think: "I'm going to look", it will not work. If you say: "I'll find him." It's a little better, but if you think about it and say, "I found it, it exists!" Then in a short time it will become a reality, I said it in my own words, but they were not invented by me or just for me!
  9. What can I cure? Imagine that almost everything and if after the first treatment session you feel better, then that will tell you that the disease will be cured.
  10. Energy exchange. The conversation is about payment, because any work done requires payment, because not only is it unique, but the strength and energy of the specialist who cures it has been spent on it. This is called energy exchange.
  11. Old and sick father. Here the situation is clear. He is loved, but sick and old. You think about your financial abilities, build your budget and compare it with paying for the education of your children, repairing a house and a car, a shelter that you promised to buy for a member of your family and your sick father. Do you know what I think? Listen to the advice and do what your soul tells you. Here it is understood that money is also energy. You must do what is necessary so that you do not have to be ashamed before the Almighty. In addition, apart from the money, you will have to pay time, attention and care to your father. If his conscience allows it, he cannot do anything and will only bury him.
  12. The child. I live in a Latin American country. Here there is a completely different attitude for the child, still inside the mother. A miracle is expected: the birth of a child. A party is organized, called "Feast of the unborn child" (Baby-shower). The child already exists. He understands and feels. And here they communicate with the child before his birth and they celebrate it. That's great, is not it? Remember this Love in the family must be strong and worthy of the appearance of the future child.
  13. Thanks! Do you want to thank me in some other way? I appreciate your desire. But do not tell me you put a candle in the church for my health. Let it be better for your friends to discover what happened to you. Tell them and maybe we can help each other. And your gratitude will become reality. Thank you!
  14. Healers, advertising, anti-advertising. My mother told me that during and after the war there was an old woman in 5 villages, whom anyone needing help or advice could turn to. At that time the paramedics did not exist. The medicine was created only about 200 years ago. And the healers existed, exist and will exist. It will be interesting to me to show that people do not need a traditional medicine like that and people will understand me. If you took medications prescribed by doctors, but did not heal, where do you go? Doctors constantly talk and write about charlatanism in Popular Medicine, but for some reason they cannot cure the sickness and call incurable, chronic and deadly diseases. To save time and protect the interests of our colleagues, I did several things: I asked the patient to determine the level of their creatinine and perform tests in 2-3 different clinics, and also to do an ultrasound in different places. You cannot imagine the difference in the results. Or when 2 or 3 therapists make different diagnoses to the patient and prescribe different medications.
    I started posting it on websites, without mentioning anything negative about anyone or anything. But I will not do it again.
  15. About medicine. If you come to me for treatment, you need to understand that I try to avoid taking all medications (pills) gradually. You will consume them less, reduce the dose until you eliminate them completely. Of course, this will constantly improve your health. We recommend that you surround yourself with joy, love, excellent mood, conversations with good friends, etc. I cannot stop mentioning the water that I am reading for you. It is difficult to say what is happening there, but I will repeat once again that there is something positive when patients drink it, and their health improves even more between treatment sessions.