The time of healing

Bioenergy Medicine Nicaragua

"The healthiest and beautiful people are not irritated by anything."
G. Lichtenberg

Did you like that phrase? I think our displeasure and irritation on several occasions may be the main cause of many problems. The first concern that I have noticed in patients - is the concern for the desire to know the exact date of recovery.

If I start treatment, that amount of time is needed for complete recovery? ...

The question is practical, but somewhat lacking. The very idea of ​​energy mentality is difficult, in my opinion. More precisely, I would say that we must live with joy and pleasure. You should think about your body with a positive emotional mindset. In this case, the soul has this to say: "I will be treated and cured, no doubt." And the more positive attitude you have, the closer you are to the cure.

The solution of a problem, not so complicated, (personally I like the phrase "the problem" rather than "treating disease") often takes no more than 5-10 sessions, but I tell patients that the best is that for a few months after the disease symptoms stopped appearing, you better get a monthly check. I worry when the patient feels best or he forgot the pain, he forgets to keep track of her problem. I would think that the problem is simply gone, it vanished completely and there is nothing to worry about. But if you have not found the time for your session control because of your daily routine, it turns out that you treat your health the same way your health will treat you. And then nobody complains.

Remember that in our world there is a law of inertia, ie, the phenomenon of the savings rate, this law it also applies to illness (problem). Even if the symptoms are  missing, you need to take your time and keep monitoring the problem. I think it's very important to listen to your body.

Although the best doctor, healer or just a friend, you will not give you better advice than that - heal. Listen to yourself, your body and soul.

A patient of mine showed me a picture of her son, who has braces on his teeth.

- For how long's it had been used?

- About eight months and it needs to be there around 1.5 years.

He asked: I have a hernia in the esophagus, how long it will take to go away?

Before that, we agreed about 4-5 sessions and 3 monthly monitoring sessions. He was really surprised to pay many times more for the dental treatment of his son that the hernia and pain healing.

Consider this another case. A mother from Leon city took her 15-year-old daughter to my office. She had a severe headache. The girl had strongly hit her head around 6 years ago. She presented microcracks in the cervical vertebrae. The pills did not help.

- I said that we will work 2 sessions, and a week later 2 more. The pain will disappear after the first two sessions. But the damage to the vertebrae will be cleaned in two more sessions. And the mother with her hands felt these growths and damage by touching with her hands along the soft tissues. These growths were each as a painful blow.


- Today and tomorrow we can do it and a week later we are busy.

People are very interesting. When it hurts - they are ready to give everything. As soon as they get better - there are more important things to do.

"Anyone who wants to be healthy, is getting better already" - wrote D. Boccaccio. And if you are looking for pain relief does not mean that you want to be healed.

Everybody knows that the soul and body are inseparable, and should, be healed both, mind and soul. Imagine that during treatment, you think about how bad you feel because you’re ill. The law of attraction with the most powerful laws of the universe are getting that information and creating more problems.

Who speaks and thinks more about the disease - get even more of it. Who speaks and thinks about health and prosperity - it receives further.

- And how to do not think about it if it hurts? The answer lies in finding other hobbies - good and useful, showing love and care for loved ones, or listen to good music. I assure you that will help.

Healing - one of the areas where the experience is difficult to estimate. But once again I want to say what is most important: if after the first session you feel that your life and well-being has seen a change, it means your recovery has begun.

In ancient times, healers have intuitively discovered in the world that scientists are only trying to describe formulas. Today, many experts study the healers’ phenomenal skills. Famous scientists recognized that bioenergy (healers) really create miracles, but to answer the question: "How do they do?" - Still no answer. And it might not be worth thinking about it, if the key is something completely different: people who can create miracles exist! They are close to us, and we can leverage their unique gift, and therefore, we can heal. This is most important when you know that there are people who can help.

Why the healer, sometimes with their hands, and often at a distance, can do what doctors can’t? This question is difficult to be answered correctly.

Dante: "I say that from all the kinds of human bestiality and stupidest, the meanest and most damaging - is to believe that after this life there is no other one."

D. Boccaccio "Anyone who wants to be healthy, it’s already healthy in part."

Heinrich Heine: "The only beauty that I know - is health."

T. Moore: "The wise man prefer to avoid the disease, rather than fight against it."