Alcohol in the treatment

natural medicine

Almost always I feel a fever in a place where there is some kind of inflammatory process. And I understand that microorganisms live and multiply at a temperature above 36.6. At normal temperature they do not grow, do not multiply and do not live, respectively. Almost always the process of inflammation (pain, swelling, numbness, itching, burning and various other symptoms are accompanied by increased temperature (other, increased vibrations).

So, I exhibit the video and photo of the woman who came with a swollen large hand. And I want to make it clear that before I started working with her, I splashed her hand with alcohol and a spray for half an hour. Of course, without hiding anything. The temperature drops during the process of evaporation of alcohol. But not from his presence.

Every time I feel a fever, I spray alcohol with medical or vodka. A light layer, tiny drops. I give time to evaporate alcohol and splash again. Somewhere every 5-10 minutes. Sometimes you have to squirt the whole body without clothes until the temperature drops to normal.

Further, in difficult cases (active processes, up to oncology) the temperature after an hour or three will start to rise again. And again we knock it down. But we do not allow it to rise above 36.9. We note later that in a day or two, we spatter less often. Less painful or completely gone. And of course, against the background of this, we work with the help of bioenergy.

Perhaps my energy changes these vibrations of the affected places. The essence is not the main point. But you have to do everything, why you get better. And dropping temperature always helps in my work.

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