Pray. Maksimadzhi Bioenergy Center

I am often asked if I believe in God. The question of faith for me was never under question. I am part of God. We do not come from the monkey. We are part of the universe. We are the parts of God. Not slaves, but their children.

Now imagine that our children are kneeling and praying for help. Well, imagine at least a few seconds. It's strange, right? Then I believe that God with his helpers is giving us the right option so that we get what we want. Or give clues and signs so that we do not make a bad choice. Returning to Him, we can reprogram. But! If you want to have a glass of tea, no matter how much you pray, the tea will not appear in the glass. For this, we still have to do something on the physical plane.

The road will be dominated by the path of the road. God does not need to be asked, but to experience a feeling of joy and gratitude. There is always something for that. And these vibrations of joy and gratitude and events will occur to you, which again causes these same feelings.

The universe photographed your thoughts now. Are you happy with this picture? If not, change your mind urgently.

A prayer will help you think better, be prepared correctly. Do not radiate the envy of a neighbor. Do not radiate anger towards the rulers. Do not reject anyone's sentence. And then prayer will help.