Treatment with bioenergy

Alternative medicine

Alternative medicine ... is a cautiously streamlined name for miracles, what nature, God or some other mind does by means of man's actions and thoughts.

Dear reader, I will share my opinion in this article for the reason that with the help of my energy, called by modern scientist energy or bioenergetics medicine, I cure patients from various diseases. First they come, then bring their relatives and friends, children, and grandchildren. Imagine how much I enjoy the happy faces of patients and the changes that occur in them. Both physical and mentally.

I have my own view on the treatment of people, formed almost 30 years ago. And, since in my card file several thousand patients left their notes about what has changed in their body as a result of our work, I take the liberty to share my opinion with you.

What do I cure and how? I cure any disease and the first session gives real positive results. For example, the pain left or became really less, the temperature decreases and the pressure stabilized, the sugar level returned to normal, the tumor diminished or completely disappeared, the knees became more mobile, without pain when squatting. Patients say that the eyes see colors brighter, feel lightness in the body.I cure only with thoughts and imposing of hands. Nothing more.

So, the first session gave positive results, tangible actually by the patient himself, but we need a little time and patience. Probably, I will not undertake to work with congenital Downs or something similar. Although there were positive results with such patients, but treatment is very energy-intensive and, accordingly, cannot be cheap. You can also say a similar opinion about the brain disease.

Cancer, diabetes and all, called incurable - everything is possible to cure, not treat, and cure. And I have enough of these patients. Well, if you add proper nutrition and cleansing to the healer's energy, the result will be faster. Of course, it is better to eat plant food for one simple reason: plants have feelings, but there is no soul. And animals have a soul. Why are raw vegetables and fruits better? Because they are alive!!!

How do I determine what hurts and what needs to be treated? I will say to begin with that I don’t use the word illnesses. The patient comes with a doctor's opinion of what illness he has. But almost always I have a different opinion. I see and feel inside the patient's body, for example, some clots. I show this place to the patient and he confirms that in the evenings there is always aches or some kind of streak of pus that gives diarrhea for six months already, or something like a diverticulum in the intestines, and because of this the woman has polycystosis. You do not see a connection between such things, but you cannot cure such a thing, so I suggest not arguing or proving by example from your practice.

Here is another example. A man with severe pain in his thigh, has not walked without a crutch for six months. I look at him and say that the problem is in his other heel. He looks at me and already regrets that he has come. The right hip is hurting, and the problem is in the left heel. It's funny, but he remembered five minutes later that several years ago he put a ring under the appeared lump on the heel of his left leg and walked, accordingly, so that the whole pelvis was skewed and leaned more on the right side, so the problem arose. Of course, I cured it and both were happy. Yes, he now walks without a crutch. And there are many such examples.

It happens, of course, such that someone came, for example, with pain in the shoulder, cannot lift a hand. I take photos and show him. Look, the left axillary lymph node at you is increased and it is inflamed. I'll work with him - the pain in the shoulder will go away. The patient does not believe that there is a reason. He wants to leave, but his wife pushes him - "Try it." And we work with this lymph node and the whole arm becomes more mobile and the pain is much weaker. But he did not return to the second session. Well, if you do not believe your body, how would you believe someone else?

Another point. It is impossible to cut something so that a person becomes healthy, and the pills do not cure (LINKS). And the disease, developing as it were from the seed, folds the same way when everything goes away. At first, there are painful general sensations, then sensations at a palpation, then the feeling of anxiety, temperature and so on goes away. For example, if after a cold and inflammation of the bladder a woman has cystitis, then a cyst on the ovary, then the myoma and chest ache a bit later on the same right side, then everything will go away in the reverse order. I have already observed this in many patients.

I tried to give you information about what I'm doing, briefly and clearly. Perhaps, I already got it. Well, in any case, it is the first performance. "