Treatment with bioenergetics

Center Bioenergy Maksimadzhi

Lately I have read many articles and books on self-help, personal growth, non-traditional medicine, energy of money, etc., and thought about the authors something like: "How well they write, smart people, original thinking." But I always see myself as someone who helps with actions, not with writings.

Treatment of oncological diseases

Cure cancer ... I personally take this statement with great care. However, my experience indicates that it is worth writing about the issue, sharing the opinion, talking about people who were under treatment and managed to overcome cancer.


The professor from one of our Nicaraguan universities came with a pain in the back. BUT! ...

On the first date with my patients, I ask them to please undress. WOW! He called it "neurodermatitis".

Cancer treatment

Can I treat and cure an oncological disease? Let's do so. Let your body respond. I spend a session with you and it says whether it is really better for him. Next, decide what and how. I know something, but you still do not.