clairvoyance, center bioenergy

Once I shared with Larissa my current problems, I forgot about them. But then they seemed extremely important to me.

"And let's ask your parents for advice," - Larissa suggested.
- Like this? They do not exist.
- Well, not in our dimension. But they are.

And she began to speak slowly. First she described them to me. She told me such details, which only I could know. It was not at all clear to me. I listened further. She said about the features of the nature and habits of my parents. The feeling was that she talks to them and she only tells me that they talk first about themselves, and then about our situations that have happened to them. But she could not know that. Where from?

Through Larissa, they told in turn (parents) what kind of food they liked, what clothes they chose. That last year my mother spent in a wheelchair. Described details at the funeral were generally stunning and that my mother's niece left her first child in the orphanage. Of course, I can not share many personal things. But everything surprised me.

And then there were a few tips for me, the importance of which I estimated later.

The experience of such a session was the most amazing in my life.