Baby cried all week long

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She came with her sister and a newborn baby, here they become mothers at an early age. She says the baby screams all week. He does not sleep.

I look at the baby, I run my hands over my calf and listen to my feelings. Again and again I do not understand anything. Yes, he cries, he is sick. But I do not feel anything. I do not feel anything disturbing in his body. What's wrong with me?

I'm a little dazed. I still do not understand everything. I look at his mother. And then yes, I'm sorry!

- "Lie on the couch," I say.
- "I feel good" she responded
- "Lay down!" I repeated to her.

Exact. There was a clot in her chest. She only showed a pain when I squeezed this place lightly. We understood each other. There was purulent preparation and because of this, the baby became ill after his milk. And he only drank it.

I'm sorry, - I said, - it's hard to give that advice. But I need two days to work with your breasts, and do not feed the baby with your milk until we finish please.

Everything is fine. While the sister was engaged with the baby, we eliminated that clot in a few hours. Thank my Lord!