The girl and her debts

girl and debts

A couple of days ago a girl came to see me at the clinic. We solved one of her health problems. But another thing upset me in her condition. She said that she had formed a decent debt to the bank. And she feels very unwell. She's nervous. She slept badly. It hurts.

- If I would not have these debts, I would be happy and everything would be different.

- Let's try to feel happy right now.

She did not know what to say.

- Happiness is how you see it, how you feel it. The bank will not die without your money. Give it slowly to the best of your ability. Do not be nervous and live with the feeling of happiness and joy from other moments in your life. Let's enumerate now that you have good.

She listed reluctantly. But good, in the end, it turns out, we were able to list a lot. I tried to persuade her not to worry about her credit history. It is not possible to earn a lot of money and pay off at once. And now, which is very important. Do not judge yourself for your mistakes. And it's not a mistake. Just life. Just love her. Do not waste time on suffering. And know that people who work very hard, too, are in difficult financial situations. The situation is such, what is your attitude to them. Let's feel happy!

"Come on." She is already smiling.