Tratamiento neurodermatitis con bioenergética

The professor from one of our Nicaraguan universities came with a pain in the back. BUT! ...

On the first date with my patients, I ask them to please undress. WOW! He called it "neurodermatitis".

Dear doctors: I never put diagnoses. This is your task. I see within the various changes, deviations from the norm, a different color, some veins and arteries, that should not be there, or do not have the correct color, or some fungus parasites that have been established in a specific place.

And when I feel it, I press my fingers directly into that place and the patient usually feels pain. They usually say; "I did not know what is hurting me here."

Then, this patient had a clot in the intestine of the fungal type. Can you see the difference in the photo? But he told me at the beginning that he had not come here for this. Only the back hurts. And this neurodermatitis does not cure. He was told at the hospital that he cannot be cured.

Well, what do you think?