You came to me for the first time

The energy of the hands and the thoughts

The energy of the hands and the thoughts

I think he is one of those who will work for the first time with someone who heals only by the energy of their hands. You've heard a lot about this. But now he decided to see if that helps? And to spend less time in "question-answer" conversations, I decided to clarify couple of points.

Almost all people have some kind of gift from God, or to put it simply: some kind of ability, which sets it apart from other people who work in this direction. It may be, that I have something like this, you have to find out. At the moment, there is no well-founded scientific knowledge about what happens to sick bodies when working through the energy or thoughts of another person. I will try to explain what I feel and what I understand.


When do you start feeling sick? When the pain comes. Pain - as if it were the most brilliant and last stage in the development of the disease. And when treating an illness, it always starts to come first. That is all in the reverse order, as it was developed.

If a group of cells affected or mutated, met in the tumor by changing the muscle structure, changed the vertebra or crushing the artery is pressurized. Sooner or later a sharp signal is given: pain. And always the whole thing starts with this - we take the pain, and then we dissolve all the clusters of the tumor, the normal tissue color (visible part). Pain reduction usually occurs during the first session.

But this is the usual pain you feel without pressing this place. There is pain on palpation (with pressure). That is, you push yourself lightly or deep enough somewhere and there is pain, then the process of inflammation is in full swing. Then, before feeling constant pain (without pressure), it can first be determined only by palpation.

Therefore, all the cells and micro particles of which they are made, - vibration, and vibrate in a special healthy and diseased cells, and I believe (I repeat: I believe), that I feel in me these places and groups of cells. There comes the surprise that when they show me a friend's photo or even just talk about him, I can determine what bothers him.

Illness is like a tree

For some reason (speak separately) in any area of ​​your body a seed is formed, and then the root and trunk as if the disease grows, then what gives branches with leaves and flowers - pain itself. This I draw for myself in my head. Always looking for the root of the disease.

But always (like a tree that fades) the flowers wither, and then several symptoms of the disease disappear (twigs) and much later we reach the root.

A very busy man punished me: "Heal me, please, this place (it was shown), and the rest really does not bother me."

I answer beforehand that I do not control the sequence of this. But the flowers (in all the places where there is pain) and then branch off (conflicting points, from which the flowers grew, everything begins to disappear at the same time, that is, just as the tree expires. Then the leaves, twigs, and only lastly the root.

It may be that someone seems curious about my comparison, but somehow it helps me to explain my opinion about their problem, that is, whether by undigested intestinal movement food, and that at this time to catch the volleyball ball, a hernia was formed in the intestines, then periodic constipation, swelling, stretching the vertebral muscles, creating a periodic back pain ... we will immediately treat the constipation, intestinal hernia, and put in place the vertebrae, and in this chain, you cannot separate the units to heal only one unit.